Energy Healing Sessions with Melanie Roche

More and more people utilize energy healing to help regain health and live optimally so they can fulfill their fullest potential and live life with a feeling of profound joy. Melanie credits her healers, teachers and mentors for assisting in her personal growth and enjoys extending the same opportunity to you.

Working with Melanie gives you the rare experience of being heard by someone listening – profoundly listening – that is, being in contact with you, right where you are in the moment.

Without trying to change or fix you, just by being present with you and resonating energetically, as she listens with her whole body and energy field, deep awarenesses can arise and shifts organically occur – in your physical health, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Melanie is not a doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe medications or treatments.

If you have a serious medical or emotional condition, Melanie will not work with you unless you are also simultaneously in the care of a medical doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist, as appropriate for the condition involved.

Melanie sees her work as truly complementary, not alternative – she is part of your healing team. Healing sessions take place either in person in Melanie’s office or by phone or via Skype for long distance clients.

Each session is uniquely tailored to you, where you are in the moment, your comfort level and desired outcome. Part of what makes energy healing unique is the way all aspects of life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – are held in the consciousness of your cells.

By working energetically, energy healing can be considered a “shortcut” into understanding and transforming life experiences.

If you’d like to get started, please contact Melanie.

When there is an opening in my private practice, the healing process begins with a free, no-obligation call with me, in which we discuss what is going on in your life, your health and your health history.

During this call, both you and I decide whether energy healing is right for you and whether I’m the right healer for you. I will be honest with you about whether energy healing can help you and whether I feel I can help you with what’s going on in your life. If not, I will be glad to refer you to other practitioners in other modalities, including conventional medicine, psychology and psychiatry, acupuncture, etc.

If we both feel energy healing can help you, my assistant will then set up an initial 90-minute session, either in person, by phone or by Skype. This first in-depth 90 minute session consists of a lengthy conversation in we will discuss in more detail what brought you, what you’re working with in your life, your health and emotional history, as well as your family members’ medical, emotional and lineage history, any traumatic events in your life, surgeries and anything else you want to share with me.

After we talk, you remove only your shoes and lie on the massage table. If lying down is uncomfortable, we find a comfortable position for you. I measure and note the condition of your energy field and typically begin at your feet, allowing energy to flow first into your feet, then one foot and ankle, the other foot and ankle, ankle to knee, knee to hip, etc. and so on up the body.

I then return to an area of presenting complaint. Typically I work with my hands lightly touching your clothes, though sometimes I work above the body and that is equally effective.

Many of the sessions during the hands-on component are silent or with minimal talking. When the energy work is complete, I will tell you and give you a few minutes to integrate the work and then we will briefly talk about the session together, including how the work may unfold and next steps.

Again, there is never any obligation to continue.

Sessions for personal process or Brennan Integration Work usually involve talking and exploring the areas in which you would like to grow, which are present in your life at that moment. We also include energy work as we explore these areas to help you deepen into your embodied experience of transformation, healing and self-discovery.

Long distance sessions take place either by calling me in my office or through the computer using Skype. In these cases you may stay in contact through the entire session or talk at the beginning and again at the end.

These sessions are just as beneficial as in person sessions and it simply is a matter of your preference or location. After the initial session, I will give you a sense of how the work may unfold and next steps. I will again be honest with you as to whether I feel I can be useful to you. If not, I will gladly make a referral.

There is never any obligation to continue, yet if you feel the work is helpful and would like to continue, now that the baseline is clear, subsequent sessions are 50 minutes and generally involve brief talking and then energy healing or for personal process/BIP sessions talking about present situations and working energetically and emotionally with those.

Some of the healing techniques that might be used in a typical session are:

  • Chelation (clearing, charging and balancing the energy field);
  • Clearing of emotional blocks or traumas;
  • Techniques to help injuries such as broken bones, back pain and burns heal more quickly and with less pain;
  • Restructuring chakras;
  • Energetically restructuring organs;
  • Spine cleaning;
  • Time capsule Healing (release of long-held trauma);
  • Relational cord healing;
  • Spiritual surgery
  • Hara healing (strengthening your intention for your life);
  • Core star healing (connecting you to who you are throughout time and space);
  • Root cord healing (healing your lineage issues).

If you’d like to be notified when there is an opening in my practice, please contact Melanie.