Healing For Your Business

Energy healing for your business is a niche of my practice that surprised me: when we were dating, the man who is now my husband, James Roche, a marketing and business strategy consultant, referred a client to me who was stuck in her business.

I could tell by looking at her photo on her website that her business was not then in alignment with who she is, what she cares about most passionately or what interests her now.

Her business was true to a former self that was more used to hiding, not revealing herself. So while she was doing everything right, everything all the marketing gurus were telling her, she was still not attracting clients.

Those clients who did work with her, she had trouble retaining. They’d leave quickly. If this sounds familiar in your business, read on.

I had a feeling that what was blocking her was an energetic block, so while, try as she might, and using all the “right” techniques, nothing would work until we addressed the energetic component of her business, which (you guessed it) meant looking at her life and her misconceptions about how life had to be. She called and scheduled an initial phone session with me.

Keep in mind, we’re not in the same city. But she decided to take a chance and see if energy healing would help her business. During that first session, I asked her (long distance) all the questions I ask someone wanting to work on physical or emotional issues.

Then I proceeded to give her an energy healing just as I do for people working with physical or emotional issues. I called her at the end, asked her experience, and shared with her my sense of what her energy field was doing that was impeding her business, what we had worked on during that first session and how the work might unfold.

I explained that there was no obligation, but what she might expect as the work proceeded. The week after our session, she got three new clients! That hadn’t happened in months. We continued working together, and her whole life began to shift: she got in touch with misconceptions about life, such as “Life has to be hard. I need to work all the time in order to earn even remotely enough money. If I do manage to earn enough money, my husband won’t love me anymore…he’ll leave me if I get too ‘big’ and successful.”

Sound familiar? As we cleared these misconceptions, one by one, she decided to take chances and bring forward more of what interests her now in her business. She had new photos taken, redesigned her website to be more of a reflection of who she really is, and her whole life and business are now growing, and are in alignment with what she wants to give to the world that the market also needs.

She began to become more public in her work life, too, and loves being more visible and known. Her relationship with her husband is deepening even more than before and her whole life is in transformation. That client referred a friend to me, a fellow entrepreneur, and that person referred someone, who referred someone else, and this aspect of my practice is grew effortlessly, purely by word of mouth.

If you, too, want to know how to grow the business that’s right for you, please contact Melanie.

What makes energy healing so useful for entrepreneurs?

Essentially, our cells are consciousness. Every experience you’ve ever been through, every belief or feeling you have about life, is held in the cells of your body.

You can put up a website, blog regularly, offer your services, design and promote your info products, try to sell live events, but if you’re not aligned with what you’re offering, or if you have self doubts or misconceptions about your work life, it will show up in your business. Your business is a reflection of the energetic condition of your life. Clear, charge and balance your energy, and your whole business will shift. (Your life will improve, too.)