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How Mind Body Integration is the Key to a Happy, Healthy Life (Excerpt)

How Mind Body Integration is the Key to a Happy, Healthy Life (Full Version)

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Melanie Roche, MA, is an energy healer and creator of the Joy of Presence -The IDEA Method–Inner Directed Energy Awareness™. She brings a wealth of experience in mind-body healing, meditation, therapy, dance, and theater to lead personalized programs for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, patients, and health-care practitioners. She served on the faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami and Tokyo, working directly with Barbara Brennan. Melanie was invited—along with a physician and other holistic practitioners—to inaugurate the Integrative Health and Wellness Program at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, the mind-body health resort that attracts guests seeking a healthy lifestyle through comprehensive integration between medicine and healing. At New York University School of Medicine, she coordinated an after-school program for high school students who plan to become physicians. In addition to her eight years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also holds a BA in comparative religion from Columbia University and an MA in experimental theatre from New York University. Melanie leads workshops internationally.