The Extraordinary Life Workshop: Using Energy to Optimize Your Life

Friday, June 28 – Sunday, June 30, 2019
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA

For healing professionals and everyone interested in their own personal development.

Discover how to use energy to be more effective in your career and improve your relationships. Under the guidance of expert healer and teacher Melanie Roche, explore energy skills and practices to

  • Reconnect with yourself quickly in order to overcome stress
  • Unify mind and body and become your own ally
  • Communicate your true needs to deepen your connection to yourself and others.
  • Cut through burnout and align with your purpose
  • Claim your unique leadership to create a greater impact
  • Be present and embodied, so you can affect others with your energy
  • Align with the universe for the good by becoming a beacon of light.

Through lecture, meditation, group discussion, and individual exercises, you master how to perceive and work with energy and learn to use these tools with your clients, patients, and loved ones. Return home with an Extraordinary Life Blueprint to create your best life.

How to Register

There are two necessary steps to registering for this workshop:

  1. Register with me and
  2. Register with the center hosting the workshop.

Step One
Register with me first. Please download forms for participation: Click Here.

Please send these forms back to me by email (preferred) (Melanie at or by fax (if needed). My fax number is: 877-891-4234. If you have any questions, please contact me here.

Step Two
Register for workshop and housing.

Please note: This workshop requires my pre-approval of your registration before you can participate. Please complete your forms and email them to me. If I have any questions or concerns, I will be in touch. Once you are approved, you can register for the event here.