Friday, December 8 – Sunday, December 10
1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA (near Santa Cruz and San Francisco)

It is both a cliché and a truism to say the pace of life is accelerating. We have the potential to know what people are going through globally in real time, yet often we feel disconnected from ourselves and isolated from each other. Deep presence is the antidote; it is being called for in our evolution. Particularly in environments of chaos, or in situations of life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, presence―physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually―has the potential to transform experience.

How do we develop presence energetically, in our own bodies, and how do we offer that to others―whether our loved ones, our patients, or people we meet and work with in the world?

In this workshop, healer and teacher Melanie Roche, MA, presents a way to assess how you’re running your energy and a tool to listen to others with resonance. Inner Directed Energy Awareness™ is a system of assessment and practices that works synergistically to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. You will learn how to:

  • “Walk your talk” by tracking energy shifts in your body moment by moment
  • Be energetically present
  • Use resonance as a listening skill
  • Design a program of practices for increased well-being
  • Shift your state
  • Cope with challenging emotions such as fear
  • Advocate for your needs
  • Connect to a deep frame of meaning

Through lecture, group work, and individual and dyad exercises, you will deepen your presence and return home able to use these practices in your life and with others. This program is useful for health care providers—such as nurses, doctors, healers and therapists—and is also open to anyone on a healing journey.

Why Attend?

Sharpen your ability to hear and interpret the messages of your body and give yourself
what you need for optimal health and vitality.

Develop a greater understanding of yourself so you can communicate clearly with others and successfully navigate the choices you will make throughout your life.

Learn tools to feel connected in body, mind, and spirit and return to a state of wholeness.

Health professionals learn a technique to help those dealing with chaotic or traumatic situations track and communicate their needs.